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15 Sexiest Gadgets for the Bedroom and Beyond

Even if you think you’ve got a satisfying sex life, there’s a chance you haven’t tapped into your full erotic potential. Role playing, bedroom games and chocolate syrup are all well and good, but to get you really going, we’re dropping these 15 gadgets into your lap to encourage you to try something a little…or a lot wilder. From robots to swings to teeny vibrators that hide in your underwear, you can make the most of these sexy toys with or without a partner.


These toys go way beyond the ordinary vibrator. Have fun with features like rotating beads, wireless remote control capabilities, and special-powered rabbit ears.

The Rabbit: Sex and the City fans will never forget the Season 1 episode in which Miranda and Carrie had to stage an intervention for Charlotte and this vibrator. There are several different versions of the vibrator, including models with swirling pearl beads inside, vibrators that can go in the water, and rabbits that focus especially on the G-spot. All of these vibrators come with a wireless remote control so you can let the rabbit get busy while you relax.

Hitachi Magic Wand: The website Holistic Wisdom ranks this vibrator as "one of the best sex toys available." Use the Hitachi Magic Wand as a body massager or as a vibrator with or without the G-spot stimulation attachment. Holistic Wisdom also considers this toy as one of the best sex toys for overweight men and women.

Vibro Pod: This vibrator is mp3 compatible, so your vibrations pulse along to the rhythm of the song you’re listening to. The Vibro Pod also features an 8-function mode so you can enjoy 8 different types of vibrations and escalations if you don’t have an mp3 player or just want to mix things up.

Cyberskin Passion Flower Strap On: This strap on is designed to stimulate your clitoris during masturbation, oral sex or intercourse. The woman straps the vibrator on, and the super quiet hum massages in all the right places without causing a distraction.

TongueJoy Oral Vibrator: This teeny vibrator straps onto your tongue, giving your partner ultimate satisfaction during oral sex. The vibrator is battery operated, chrome plated and comes with three different sized bands.

Sex Machines and Robots

For the truly experimental, these sex machines and sex robots offer other worldly sexual adventures.

Love Machine: This intense sex machine almost looks like a workout machine, but its dildo and PassionSkin Stroker attachments leave little to the imagination. The machine features a motor that can thrust and stroke you virtually anywhere, vibrating accessories, and different speeds to give you a customized experience on your back, from behind, on top, and any other way you like it.

Spinning Swing: This sex swing also comes with a stand, so you can set it up in any room in your house. The swing features 360-degree rotation and can hold up to 400 lbs.

Andy: Andy is short of Android, and she’s a beloved sex robot with an eerily human appearance. Andy is made with silicone, and she is able to mimic real-life breathing, moaning and sighing. If you ask nicely, Andy can even move around in different positions and urinate, if you so desire.

Infrared Electric Massager: This vibrator also comes with internal sleeves for women, allowing both partners to experiment with different textures and vibrations.

Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit: Assemble your own pole so that you can treat your lover to a sexy striptease wherever you want.

Portable Goodies

Sex doesn’t just take place in the bedroom. Take your sexploration with you wherever you go with these fun toys.

Penis Sleeves: If you want to instantly grow your penis a few inches around or in length, try putting on one of these penis sleeves. You can browse vibrating sleeves, sleeves with special G-spot reach capabilities, and sleeves with solid tips.

Vibrating Panty Pals: You can have an orgasm whenever and wherever you want when you apply one of these battery-powered clitoris stimulators to your underwear. They come in three different designs: a red heart, a pink butterfly, and a purple star.

Masturbation Sleeve: The top of this sleeve resembles a woman’s vagina, and once you slip inside, pearl beads massage your penis according to varying speeds. The opening features a sucking motion to give you pleasure all over, and the toy also comes with a snap-on lid for easy transportation.

Blow Job Simulator: If you’re desperate for a blow job but don’t have a go-to partner, try out one of these blow job simulators. They come in designs as graphic as you like.

Hide Your Vibe Pillow: This toy looks like an ordinary leopard-skin print pillow, but it features a secret "magical" pocket "where you can easily ‘park’ your favorite vibe for long-long time."

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